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Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth? Does it seem like your traditional denture always slips out of place, making it difficult to eat and talk normally?

Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth to keep crowns, bridges, and dentures firmly in place.

From his office in Chandler, AZ, Dr. Henry Phan coordinates with the area's best oral surgeons to offer expert dental implant care.

"What an amazing experience I have at Dr. Phan's Fine Dentistry. It's always a clean environment, amazing staff that's very compassionate, straightforward, and ready to help give you the best comfortable solution possible for your visit. Dr. Henry Phan is a legitimate hard-working man hands down!!! He gets the job done promptly with, A+ service. I recommend this place to anyone serious about getting respectful high-quality dental work performed In Phoenix, AZ plus surrounding areas." Bobby Walton

Dental Implants in Action

Dental implants are inserted through the gums and into the jawbone. After your tissues heal, Dr. Phan can attach the connector piece, known as an abutment, and your crown, bridge, or denture. In this example, a single missing tooth is restored with an implant-supported crown.

Let's Talk About Dental Implants Request a Free Consultation

If you are interested in dental implants for yourself or a loved one, contact Fine Dentistry in Chandler, AZ, to request a consultation. Consultations for dental implants are totally free of charge or obligation.

Since 2002, Dr. Phan has helped numerous patients from Chandler, Gilbert, and all over the Valley restore their smiles through implant dentistry. He would be honored to be the dentist that guides you through this life-changing process.

You can request a consultation online or call:

(480) 726-6545

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5-Star Reviews From Our Dental Patients


Joe Amoroso (Joseph Amoroso)


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How convenient to have my crown made and implanted the same day. The dentist let me film the process too, how cool! I just heard they have been here for 22 years as well. I definitely recommend this dentist with a confident 5 star rating! Great work Dr. Henry Phan, "Fine Dentistry"!

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Clara Armenta


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This Dentist office was Amazing! The staff were extremely nice and helpful. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The dentist is very nice and careful. Inside its very clean and well decorated. I usually hate the dentists office but at Fine Dentistry I felt like my teeth were in a safe place.

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Not Sure If Implants Are Right For You? Call our Chandler dental practice for a free consultation today

Whether you suffer from a single missing tooth or you're missing all your teeth, tooth loss can be embarrassing and difficult. There is no need to live life with reduced oral function due to tooth loss. We can help. Dental implants can improve your quality of life by replacing your missing teeth and restoring the function and appearance of your smile.

Because we offer free consultations at our Chandler, AZ, dental practice, you have nothing to lose. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, we can accurately diagnose and treat each patient, and Dr. Phan will develop a custom treatment plan to fit your needs and give you the smile you've always dreamed of.

Don't live life with missing teeth. Call or contact us or request a free consultation using our online form today. 



Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime!

It is important to remember that restorations such as crowns and dentures may wear over time and need replacing, but implants themselves are made of high-quality titanium. They are designed to last a lifetime, and with the proper care, you will never need to replace your implants.

Implants provide superior stability that will allow even wear along both any natural teeth and your restoration, which can help your crown, bridge, or dentures last longer than traditional restorations. This can save you time and money in the long run as you will not need to replace your implant-supported restoration as often. 

The Dental Implant Timeline

When you consult with our dentist in Chandler, AZ, he will determine your candidacy for implants. If you are a good candidate, he can begin planning your case with a trusted local oral surgeon. Dr. Phan will work closely with the oral surgeon throughout your treatment process, so you can expect excellent continuity of care. The whole process takes several months to complete, but patients agree that the life-changing results are well worth the wait.

Dr. Phan can provide a temporary dental restoration for you to wear during the osseointegration period.
Dr. Phan can provide a temporary dental restoration for you to wear during the osseointegration period.

Implant Surgery

Implant placement is performed as an outpatient procedure and typically only requires local anesthesia. During your appointment, your oral surgeon will make small incisions in your gums. Then, they will insert the titanium implants through the incisions and into your jawbone. 


Once the implants are in place, a healing period of three to six months is required. During this time, your dental implants will fuse with your bone. This process is known as "osseointegration." Dr. Phan can provide a temporary dental restoration for you to wear during this time.

Abutments and Restorations

When your implants are firmly secured in your jaw, you can return to our Chandler office to receive your final restoration. First, Dr. Phan will attach abutments to your implants. Then, Dr. Phan will attach your dental restoration to the abutments, completing your smile. Some patients may require two appointments during this phase: one to receive the abutments and a separate appointment to receive the restoration.

Do I Qualify for Dental Implants?

Candidates for dental implants are typically patients missing one or more teeth who have sufficient jawbone tissue and are in good oral health. If you have suffered from bone loss, certain preparatory procedures, including bone grafts and sinus lifts, can improve implant candidacy.

Anyone with periodontal disease should receive appropriate treatment before seeking implants. Because smoking can inhibit osseointegration, non-smokers and those willing to quit smoking are more likely to experience successful results.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Phan will assess your jaw and gum health and recommend the appropriate procedures if implantation failure is a concern.

"If I could give 10 stars I would." Reviews From Satisfied Patients


Tammy Ford


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If I could give 10 stars I would. Dr. Phan and his staff are the best ever. No matter your dental needs from dentures to teeth cleaning this is where you need to go.

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Steven Brown


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Dr. Phan has been my dentist for many years, and I've always had a great experience. I now live almost an hour away, but I still make the drive. Everyone there is so friendly, and they do great work.

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Paying for Dental Implants

The cost of dental implant treatment can vary widely from case to case based on a number of factors. Obviously, restoring one tooth with a single implant costs less than restoring multiple teeth. Also, costs can increase if you require preparatory procedures like dental bone grafting. 

Patients from Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond can receive a personalized quote for dental implant treatment by visiting Fine Dentistry for a free consultation.

Dental insurance will sometimes contribute towards implant dentistry. Our team can help you communicate with your insurance company so you can maximize your benefits. For any costs not covered by insurance, we can help you take advantage of financing through CareCredit®.

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They made me feel comfortable and welcomed.... I usually hate the dentists office but at Fine Dentistry I felt like my teeth were in a safe place.

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