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Pediatric Dentistry

Early preventative dental care and education from a pediatric dentist can protect your child from painful oral health issues in the future.

Pediatric dental care from Dr. Henry Phan of Fine Dentistry in Chandler, AZ, can keep your child's smile healthy for years to come.

Seeking a pediatric dentist in the Chandler and Gilbert, AZ, areas? Find out why Dr. Phan should be your pediatric dentistry professional...

What Our Pediatric Dentist Can Do

Preventative Care

With pediatric oral exams and dental sealants, our dentist can prevent issues like decay from happening or getting worse.

Oral Hygiene Education

Our Chandler, AZ, dentist will gently teach a younger patient the importance of good oral health care in a fun and friendly way, including the proper way to brush and floss.


As younger patients grow up, our dentist can look for misalignment issues like crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatments like clear aligners or traditional braces can help straighten your child's bite for good oral health.

Comfortable Dentistry

Very often, a younger patient may be afraid of coming to our Chandler, AZ, dental practice for an appointment. Dr. Phan uses a positive approach and offers care in a calm environment so that your little one can be at ease.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Because wisdom teeth can erupt in the late teenage years, this important treatment often falls under pediatric care. Wisdom teeth can cause crowding, infections, and severe pain if they are not removed.

We Place Dental Sealants An Important Pediatric Dentistry Treatment

How dental sealant is applied.
This dental care treatment is highly recommended for kids between seven and nine. The sealant acts as a barrier to keep bacteria from entering the grooves and valleys of your child's back molars.

Why Is Pediatric Dentistry So Important?

Taking your young child to see a pediatric dentist for preventative care is of the utmost importance. Why? Because of statistics like these:

According to the Center for Disease Control:

Prevalence of cavities in children infographic

And most alarmingly, according to the American Journal of Public Health:

Correlation between poor oral health and missing school infographic

This can limit a child's academic performance and learning retention levels.

Start Your Child's Pediatric Dentistry Care Now Contact Dr. Henry Phan Today

Dr. Phan and his warm, friendly dental team can begin your young one's journey to a lifetime of good oral health. Dr. Phan is a compassionate dentist who emphasizes preventative care and oral health education to patients from kids to seniors in the Chandler, Tempe, and Gilbert, AZ, areas. He currently sees patients as young as five years old. 

Don't wait for your child's first cavity to see a pediatric dentist. Schedule a comprehensive exam today at our state-of-the-art Chandler, AZ, office using our simple online form or by giving us a call. We want your child's smile to be strong and healthy for years to come.

Dr. Phan with a happy young patient.
Dr. Phan with a happy young patient.

5-Stars for Dr. Phan "...felt like my teeth were in a safe place..."


Olivia Nguyen


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I had my wisdom teeth removed today and had a great experience. Henry was so gentle and sweet. The front desk ladies and all the staff were soo helpful and nice. Highly recommended for any dental care!!!

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Clara Armenta


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This Dentist office was Amazing! The staff were extremely nice and helpful. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The dentist is very nice and careful. They are all kind and professional. Inside its very clean and well decorated. I usually hate the dentists office but at Fine Dentistry I felt like my teeth were in a safe place.

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Why Choose Our Dentist for Pediatric Dental Care


Dr. Phan has been caring for the dental health of younger patients in the Chandler area for nearly two decades.

Safe Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Phan can administer safe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation through a mask to help scared or fidgety younger patients relax during dental exams and procedures.


All our exam rooms feature TVs so kids, teens, and young adults can watch cartoons or movies during exams and procedures.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Our practice is designed to feel homey and comforting, so patients of all ages will feel at ease.

Advanced Technology

Dr. Phan employs the latest dental technology at our Chandler, AZ, practice. This makes exams and procedures quicker, more efficient, and most importantly, virtually painless. That's a big plus no matter how old you are.

Top-Grade Materials

Dr. Phan only uses the best medical-grade materials in dentistry, whether your child is receiving tooth sealant, a filling, or a restoration. This is to ensure that the results will be as strong, long-lasting, and natural-looking as possible.

Same-Day Crowns

Making multiple dentist appointments for your busy child can be a hassle. If your older child or teen should need a crown after a decayed permanent tooth is repaired, Dr. Phan can use our in-house CEREC® machine to design and create a natural-looking customized restoration during the same appointment. 

Dr. Henry Phan: Dedicated to Pediatric Oral Health

Dr. Phan is a member of Give Kids a Smile, a program that allows dentists around the country to provide children from underserved communities with free dental care. Dr. Phan donates his time to make sure kids in the Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, and Phoenix areas get the dental care they need at no charge. 

More Glowing Praise for Fine Dentistry " good with kids..."


Alicia Green


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Great experiance with Dr. Phan and his staff. Very affordable and great work. Recommend anyone needing dental work done to go see him. He is so sweet and gental love this place.

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Laura Chevalier


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Dr. Phan is a great dentist. I worked in his office a day and decided to schedule my children appointments because he was so good with kids...They both had fillings done. He does good quality work and he’s conservative. His Hygienist also did a great job and was very helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are typical pediatric patients?

Normally, pediatric patients include children from around age one to college age. 

I'm a parent. Shouldn't I be the one to teach my kid how to brush?

Teaching your child oral hygiene certainly helps. But even adults might not brush and floss properly. A dentist can use their expertise to teach both kids and adults about proper oral hygiene and perform comprehensive exams.

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They made me feel comfortable and welcomed.... I usually hate the dentists office but at Fine Dentistry I felt like my teeth were in a safe place.

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